EXCURSIONS MANAGER supports schools to undertake most of the administration work for excursions.


  • Complete an online form providing information about the excursion.
  • Specify the information they require from parents (emergency contact details, medication, etc).
  • Print the Invoice if a payment is required, and the authorisation form to be sent to the parent (in cases where a parent does not have access to the Internet).
  • Allow teachers and other staff to complete the online forms to set up an excursion and require that the details be authorised by a nominated person before the excursion is made available via the school’s website.



  • Access the excursion booking form via the school’s website and enter student details.
  • Phone the school office to have the details entered for them if they do not have access to the Internet. (The school will then be able to print the Invoice — formatted for insertion into a DL window envelope — if a payment is required, and the authorisation form to be sent to the parent.)
  • Make payment by a secure credit card portal, or print a Tax Invoice and pay by cheque, electronic transfer, or cash.
  • Print the form required to authorise the school to take the child on the excursion, sign it and fax or return it to the school.
  • Monitor progress online and print reports indicating which families have provided details, paid or returned the form.


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