SCHOOLEVENT is a full-featured event management system designed from the ground up to meet the needs of schools. Specifically, it is designed to fit into the workflow of schools and to be user-friendly for teachers, office staff, parents and students.

All components of SCHOOLEVENT can be accessed via a button you place on your school’s website to link to your own kiosk that you create at — there is no software to install on your system. can provide a low cost website for your school if you do not already have one.

SCHOOLEVENT is a web-based system comprised of several components, however, users are not required to have any web-page development skills as this aspect of the production of the web-pages is fully automated.

Each school can customise their SCHOOLEVENT Kiosk (SEK) to have the same look and feel as their website.


The term agent is used below to refer to staff in a school who are authorized to set up events on behalf of the school — ie. they enter the required information into the relevant web forms.

The term user is used generically to refer to teachers, students and parents who access the school’s website to make a booking for an event or a payment for an item.

In line with the above two roles, there are two separate points of entry to the SEK.

[1] A portal for creating events on behalf of the school (requires authorised access)

  • the member of staff who registers the school at (which refers to as the School Admin) is the only person who can purchase access to the SEK on behalf of the school
  • the School Admin is also the only person who can authorise members of the school’s staff to access the services provided by the school’s subscription to the SEK

[2] A portal for parents, teachers and students who want to make a booking in a particular event. This latter access is via the Internet to the school’s website.

  • schools can control access by issuing specific codes that are unique to individuals or unique to specific groups (eg, parents, Year 7 students) — these codes can be specified by the school or generated by the SEK and provided to the school. Further, schools can require that each visitor provide specific details (eg. name, address, email address, phone number, username, password, etc) that they will use to access SCHOOLEVENT to make bookings.
  • schools can choose to vary the ‘level’ of security for each of the component services in school event.


The modules below are each linked to a page providing further information — simply click on the module name.

SCHOOL EVENT MANAGER (Event Menu) — allows the school to set up, manage bookings and receive payment for any school event (eg. end-of-year concert, Year 11 social, etc)


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