SCHOOL EVENTS MANAGER (SEM) allows your school to manage bookings and payments for any school event.

school staff can…

  • Create an interactive calendar of school events — members of your school community can click on an event to be taken to the information page for that event.
  • Generate web pages for each event by simply completing online forms to provide:

– details of the event & program
– information about speakers/presenters
– details of registration form
– venue details, times, etc.

  • Search school facilities (theatre, hall, gymnasium, sports fields, etc) available for booking, by needs criteria.
  • Search external venues/facilities (conference centres, meeting rooms, function rooms, etc) available, by location and by needs criteria.
  • Access photos/diagrams of the layout of available facilities/venues.
  • Directly book school facilities.
  • Email an inquiry about the availability of external venues/facilities.
  • Cancel a previous booking for a school facility.
  • Generate a unique URL for each event and email it to parents, etc.
  • Edit current events and add new events at any time.
  • Receive notification by email when each booking is made.

  • Receive email notification when an event reaches a specified number of bookings.
  • Set a limit on the number of registrations to be accepted for an event.
  • Select from different types of registration fee structure for each potential participant (eg. family bookings, block bookings, early booking rate, adult rate, student rate, etc).
  • Accept accommodation requests against block bookings reserved by the school with hotels and motels, etc.
  • Promote the event via a link on the school’s website.
  • Upload a file of email, fax and SMS details to broadcast the event to the school community.
  • Access reports of registrations to date at any time (eg. name of participant, date of booking, whether registration fee paid, etc).
  • Download all data from the bookings database at any time.
  • Generate participant lists and badge inserts from the registration file.
  • Record event attendance online.


teachers, parents, & students can…

  • Access the school’s website to make a booking.
  • Register online to access the bookings page for an event.
  • Enter their email address as a username and specify a password — if the user has forgotten their password, they can gain access by providing correct details to a range of security questions, followed by the replacement password being emailed to the user. The user can utilize their email address and password to make future bookings — their details automatically pre-populate the booking form.
  • Make a booking for one or more participants on a single booking form.
  • Be requested to confirm each booking details prior to making payment.
  • Be sent an email if payment has not been received by a specified date, or a specified number of days after booking.
  • Receive an email notification if an event for which they have a booking is cancelled or details (eg. date or venue) are updated.
  • Register a cancellation before a specified date.
  • Transfer their booking to another person before the date specified by the school for an event.
  • Search for events by date and criteria.
  • Be listed as ‘pending payment’ until receipt of payment.
  • Be advised by email if an event reaches 90% of capacity and payment has not been received, with a request for payment.
  • Be provided with a real-time indicator of the number of places and, where applicable, the number of accommodation rooms remaining.


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